Esteemed colleagues and sectoral representatives,

Hacettepe University Advanced Health Technologies Training and Research Center (STEM), Surgical Anatomy and Technologies Association (CATD/SATA) and The International Young Urological Association (IYUA) with the support of universities and the other related international and national civil society organizations would like to share the honor of announcing that are planning to organize “2nd International UroAnatomy&Technology&Simulation Congress” at Hacettepe University Congress Center, Ankara, Turkey in 11-13 September 2015.

With the success of the first UroAnatomy congress and intensive interests of the technology&simulation firms to our topic, we’ll expand our congress title with these keywords. In this congress, we aim to present to our participants technological needs of the health education, how to interact and contribute simulators to the educational modalities and different sectoral approaches to the pre and post-graduate medical training.

With this aim, we targeted to collect all partners of the topic together and create awareness about these new developments on public. We profoundly welcome you to the congress and wish you a successful time in Ankara.

Congress Co-Chairs

Emre Huri, STEM

İlkan Tatar, CATD/SATA

Ali Ersin Zümrütbaş, IYUA